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Rediscover the essence of the territory

Franciacorta is a morainic amphitheatre that was formed through countless glaciations, the last of which gave rise to Lake Iseo. Nestled in the mountains, the lake offers beautiful views and contributes to making the climate of this area unique. It is because of the mild climate and the particularity of the soil that wine has always played a leading role in Franciacorta. Stemming from a centuries-old tradition, today it is considered an example of Italian excellence, known and appreciated all over the world.

But Franciacorta is much more than this: it is where history and nature meet and merge in a spell-binding landscape. On the softly rolling hills, among the long rows of vines, there are beautiful towns, medieval villages, ancient monasteries and elegant residences that jointly give rise to an invaluable artistic and cultural heritage.

So why wait? Come and discover the charm of Franciacorta!

For lovers of good wine

The Consortium and the ‘Strada del Franciacorta’ Wine Route

Tasting a glass of wine is not just a gesture, but an exhilarating experience enjoyed via all the senses, a journey to discover the infinite nuances and complexity of this precious nectar. The Associazione Strada del Franciacorta is committed to the development and promotion of the tourist destination in all its singular aspects and its talent for excellence.

The Strada del Franciacorta is a wine route that extends for some 80 km through hills and vineyards and is travelled every year by thousands of tourists who want to get to know this district and its treasures. Many of the local wineries are open to the public and offer guided tours and tastings to enable visitors to discover and explore the secrets of this extraordinary product. During your visit, you can admire the vineyards, discover the production processes and finally taste the fine sparkling wines, accompanied by delicious tastings of local foods.

This unforgettable experience will enable you to appreciate the great quality and variety of Franciacorta wines, immersing yourself completely in the culture and traditions of the region.

80 km through hills and vineyards

Cycling through the vineyards

The unique landscapes of Franciacorta

Discover Franciacorta in a completely new way, by cycling through the hills and vineyards amid breathtaking landscapes.

A bike ride in Franciacorta will give you the freedom to explore this historic region and savour its treasures, while enjoying the cool breeze and the scent of flowers. Rediscover the beauty of nature by bike and let yourself to be totally captivated by the charm of the vineyards.

Franciacorta by bike

Hiking tour on Monte Orfano

Among lush woods and steep hills

The excursion on Monte Orfano starting from the Convento dell’Annunciata offers a spectacular view of the natural surroundings. This itinerary is suitable for both adults and children, along paths and comfortable roads that make the walk pleasant and accessible to everyone. This is an ideal opportunity to spend the day outdoors, relaxing and admiring the beauty of nature.

A very scenic route

Lake Iseo and Lake Garda

Discover their picturesque little villages

Not far from Franciacorta there are two wonderful lakes. Lake Iseo, with its little villages and the picturesque Monte Isola, marks the northern border of Franciacorta and can be reached in a few minutes by car.

In less than an hour you can also get to Lake Garda. This area offers many attractions to tourists and travellers: visits to the villages, water sports, cycling, trekking and much more.

10 kilometres from Lake Iseo


Our Convent

On Monte Orfano, the Convent of the SS. Annunciata has been a place of the spirit since 1449, and Bellavista was chosen by the Friars to revive a unique 5.45-hectare vineyard whose traces date back to the beginning of the millennium. A Chardonnay is produced here exclusively from grapes grown in our vineyards.

Want to find out more?

We are on hand to provide you with information about the Convento dell’Annunciata. Please feel free to contact us to find out how you can enjoy peace and tranquillity in this enchanted place.